Earin – The World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds

Earin is the smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market. Two earbuds that together function as one Bluetooth headphone; no cables, no attachments just magically small delivering high quality audio sound.

We are live at Kickstarter.

Order your Earin and help us get the world’s smallest wireless earbud to market.


Whatever reasons you choose to listen to music, you want it to be a hassle-free experience. When starting our development our mission was to create a product that would be focused on simplicity, size and audio quality.

No unnecessary functionality has been added. No sensors, no lights and no microphone, that’s right – no microphone! Not because we couldn’t but because we wouldn’t! Earin is for music lovers – and music lovers only.

The world's smallest wireless earbuds

packed with the latest Bluetooth and battery technology and with a balance armature speaker giving you a perfect music experience

Storage & charging

increase your flexibility when you’re on the go and give your earbuds something to store in.

Foam tips

three different sizes of foam tips that have been carefully selected to ensure perfect fit and comfort.

Concha lock

increase the already excellent fit and use the concha lock. The part will lock itself towards the concha in your ear and make sure the earbuds always stays in place, no matter how bumpy your ride is.

Compact capsule design

Our compact capsule design is perfect for storing your earbuds and will also easily fit in your pocket whatever you’re wearing.
To create more flexibility when you’re on the go and to increase the playback time, the capsule also functions as a charger. Just place the earbuds in the capsule and they will be charged automatically – so they’re ready when you are.

Dimensions, capsule: Ø18mm x 62mmEarin_dims_BW

Weight, earbuds: 5 grams

Weight, capsule: 25 grams

Dimensions, earbuds: Ø14mm x 20mm

Play time: up to 3 hours (double this if charging in the capsule)

Earbud battery: 50 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Button Cell

Capsule battery: 100 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Button Cell

Bluetooth IC: BT CSR8670, BlueCore5 with aptX Bluetooth@3.0 and Bluetooth@4.0 compatible

Balanced Armature Speaker: Knowles SR-Siren Design for IP54 ingress protection


We are live at Kickstarter. Order your Earin and help us get the world’s smallest wireless earbud to market.



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