Find out more about the team behind Earin!

The Earin team consists of a group of mobile phone professionals with a background in mechanics, electronics, acoustics, software and industrial design from companies such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Axis Communications in the area of Lund in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark.

The summer of 2014, Earin was launched on the international crowd founding site Kickstarter.com, where the campaign raised more than five times of its orginal goal and with pre-orders of more than 8000 units in 40 days. Since then, the team is rapidly growing with specialist resources within each segment of the development and production process.

The Earin brand is developed and owned by the company Epickal AB, located at the Ideon Science Park  in Lund, Sweden, and is the first product out on the market that will be followed by similar ground breaking products in the audio segment.

Earin was founded by:

Olle Lindén, MSc Mechanical Engineer
Concept creator with 10 years of experience in the mobile phone business and product development at Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Axis Communications.

Per Sennström, BSc Electronics Engineer
Background from Sony Ericsson and Nokia and the past years he has been running a successful electronics development firm together with Kiril that served as base for the Earin project during the startup.

Kiril Trajkovski, CEO Epickal AB, MSc Electronics Engineer
Electronics engineer with a background from Sony Ericsson, Nokia and ST-Ericsson. Kiril is the CEO of Epickal AB and Project Manager for the Earin project.